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KSK Co., Ltd. President and CEOSoichiro Okamoto

Both Japan’s healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry are facing transformative changes now. Our country is a super-aged society due to the low birthrate. And, the decrease in its working-age population is accelerating the total population decline. The structural change of Japan’s age-specific population has a profound effect on our healthcare systems as well as welfare ones. Because of these demographic changes, the conventional healthcare system is now considerably outdated. And, the creation of more efficient healthcare and welfare provision systems is required now.

We KSK are proud of dedicating ourselves to meeting the stakeholders’ expectations through our value creation as a company which was established in Kansai region and is thoroughly familiar with it. For example, while the establishment of “The Integrated Community Care System” is fully committed by Japanese government to overcome the problems related to aging societies, we are facilitating the efforts by enhancing our relationships with healthcare providers and care workers.

In the pharmaceutical industry, structural changes called “Category Changes” are proceeding now. While the volume of generic drugs continues to increase, orphan drugs and specialty drugs, which often require strict temperature control etc., are also rapidly increasing. In order to cope with such a change, we started to run the Hyogo Distribution Center in May, 2018. This new distribution center which newly equipped with the state of the art material handling systems allows us to provide reliable and speedy distribution services to our customers including medical institutions and pharmacies.

More than anything else, we believe our mission is in sincere and detailed services, which are sustained by robust distribution infrastructures, to the customers contributing to regional healthcare systems. We will do our best to be trusted as "Your reliable partner for community healthcare" in the region through speedy adaptation to the rapidly changing healthcare environment.